Epimoni comes from the Greek language which means persistence.

We are a new company with passion and perseverance to become a large company engaged in commodity trading needed by Indonesia and Japan and vice versa.

The strength of our ability is general trading covering both commercial and operational aspects.

The commodities we trade come from natural based resources, support ESG and care for the environment and efforts to reduce emissions and the greenhouse effect.

Indonesia has a very abundant wealth of natural resources, both from plantations, livestock and fisheries.

As a trading company we do not carry out the entire business from upstream to downstream, we will work with producers in Indonesia to ensure the quality of production can meet the requirements of the international market and ensure certainty of supply.

With the network that we have both in Indonesia and Japan, we have confidence that we can bridge the gap between supply and demand.

Head Office

557 Maimaigi Cho, Fujinomiya,

Shizuoka, Japan 418-0015

Tel: 0544-57-8811

Branch Office

5313-6 Kitayama, Fujinomiya

Shizuoka, Japan 418-0112




Tel: 0544-57-8811